5 Areas of Your Life To Fix Before You Start Travelling.

Sometimes the lure of wanderlust is so powerful that you just want to take off and go on a whim. After all, isn’t that the ethos of travelling? It’s about freedom and following your passions, and wandering wherever your heart takes you. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way of this dream. However, it is still possible to jet off and follow those dreams (for a while) if you solve a few everyday problems first:

4 More Ways To Travel For Work.

So it turns out you guys are pretty interested in finding ways to work and travel at the same time! I guess keeping the bank balance healthy while fulfilling that wanderlust is pretty appealing. You guys loved the original 4 Ways to Travel for Work, now here’s another 4 for you to digest!

Hotel Review: Beyond The Blue Horizon Resort, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Now, I’ve been writing a lot about SE Asia recently and I’ve been recommending accommodation to stay in during your travels. Obviously if I recommend a place I think It’s great, but I actually haven’t written a comprehensive review on any of them so far. In fact, I’ve never written a hotel review on here before!

So I’ve got my act together and here is my first hotel review, its an absolute beauty….