The City of Festivals: The Top 5 Festivals in Milwaukee.

When you think of festivals, Milwaukee may not instantly spring to mind. Yet it should, since Milwaukee is the City of Festivals! In addition to playing host to the largest festival in the world, the city puts on a dazzling variety of events that you probably didn’t even know existed. Here’s a list of the top five festivals you must attend in 2018. Bear in mind, this popular festival city runs out of accommodations quickly, so book your Milwaukee hotel in advance!

Irish Fest 


Image via Flickr by fegavronski

 This is North America’s largest festival celebrating the vibrant culture and music of Ireland. Along with enjoying the great music, food, and Guinness, you should take a trip to the cultural village. This area includes unique attractions such as the Meehan Boat House, which displays currachs, or traditional Irish boats, and tells you all about their history. You’ll also find a genealogy corner where you can learn about Irish family history and its impact on America. Don’t miss the Celtic Kitchen that provides Irish food tastings and education, either. August 16-19

Polish Fest

I can’t exclude this festival, can I? I am a quarter Polish, after all. The city of Milwaukee is home to a large Polish community that puts on the USA’s largest Polish festival. You’ll find plenty of Polish music to enjoy, and you can dance away on the nonstop polka stage! Be sure to try the pierogi, which is a super tasty dumpling dish that’s sure to satisfy your cravings. June 15-17

Summer Fest

Welcome to the world’s largest music festival. Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, this festival features 11 days of music for absolutely everyone spread across 11 main stages. You’ll find everything from local country to world-famous indie and pop music. Previous headliners include the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, A Day to Remember, and Weezer.

 This festival has more than just music, with shops, restaurants, zones for the kids to play in, comedy acts, and amazing fireworks on opening night. The festival is so big that over the weekend in 2017, more than 80,000 cheeseburgers were consumed! June 28-July 9

Wisconsin State Fair 

The Wisconsin State Fair is a spectacular 11-day event celebrating rural Wisconsin. One of the main attractions is the farm animal display, which includes cows, ducks, and many others that you can pet. Some of these animals also compete in the fair. Look out for the traditional pig race!

 If you’re feeling peckish, you’ll find tons of mouth-watering options, like my favorite, melted cheese covering succulent steak tips. For dessert, be sure to try some warm blueberry pie with a glass of fresh milk on the side. If you want to take some local food home, there are many stalls selling scrumptious local products. If you’ve finished eating your way through the festival, relax to some of the great music! August 3-13

German Fest 

We’ve all heard of Oktoberfest and know of all the fun to be had there. Well, German Fest is all that fun and more, but in July! Here you can experience all that German culture and cuisine has to offer, including frankfurters and pretzels. Wash these down with a beer from a huge German stein! My favorite attraction at German Fest is the Dachshund Derby. In this race, teeny little sausage dogs enter costume competitions and race against each other in a 20-meter dash. July 27–29


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Although Milwaukee may not spring to mind as the top city to visit for a festival, it’s actually one of the best in the world! It hosts the largest music festival in the world as well as a plethora of other events that offer unique entertainment for all.

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My Top 5 Hostels.



5. Apple Hostel – Philadelphia, USA. 

This is the only hostel from the USA to make it into my top 5! Its a lovely little hostel in the centre of Philadelphia and within walking distance of everything you could want to see. The hostel has great little free socials every night such as wine and cheese night or movie night which gets everyone together before hitting the many bars that are literally around the corner as the hostel is just off the main strip.


4. Mojzo Inn – Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Nha Trang wasn’t my favourite place in Vietnam but damn this hostel was near the top of my list. The staff, which includes two twin sisters, are amazing! They go above and beyond and remember everyone’s names and will always use it when talking to you. The hostel itself is quirky as it is really thin but tall and has a lovely little cafe’ on the top!

3. Vietnam Backpacker Hostels, Downtown – Hanoi, Vietnam.

If you go to this hostel I give you two pieces of advice to take with you. 1, prepare to get absolutely no sleep, and 2, take some paracetamol. This hostel knows how to party and is the king of great nights. Be sure to book on the castaway tour to Ha Long bay that the hostel organizes, two nights you will never forget; one a boat and one on a private island.


2. Mui Ne Backpacker Villlage – Mui Ne, Vietnam.

Mui Ne is a town that’s gaining popularity in the Vietnam traveler scene. It’s endless beaches and nearby sand dunes make it a good place to stay for a couple of nights. However, if you stay at the Mui Ne Backpacker village you will never want to leave. The rooms are basic but pretty cheap and the staff are very helpful. The main thing however that you will love is the pool! It’s the centre of the hostel and is where you will find everyone. You can spend all day there soaking up the rays, chatting and playing games. Nirvana.


1. Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel – Krakow, Poland. (Cover Picture)

This is simply the best hostel I’ve stayed in so far.  From the moment you enter the place you know the hostel staff (who are hot hot hot!) want you to have the best time possible. The decor of the place is so lush, and the rooms are spacious and comfy. Value for money is excellent; the rooms are cheap, you get a free dinner every night which you would expect to find in a decent restaurant and you get free drinks before the hostel goes on a wild night out in Krakow. Cant speak highly enough of the place. Deffo going back.