How Best To Spend A Day In The Whitsundays

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The Whitsundays are located on the beautiful coast of Queensland in Australia and are made up of 74 wonderful islands. Most of these islands are uninhabited, but some of them offer accommodation, food, and activities, like golf. This, along with the beauty, makes The Whitsundays an incredibly popular tourist destination. If you’re planning a trip to the island, then you are in luck; The islands and the surrounding waters offer plenty to see and do. Here are some fun activities that you can take in during your visit to these magnificent islands.

What’s The Best Way Spend a Day in Perth?

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Along with the epic remote outback and beautiful beaches, Australia also has some of the most incredible cities in the world; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide to name a few. But one that should really be on your list to visit is Perth, this Western Australian capital gives you the benefit of the city and beach rolled into one. You could easily spend a full week or two exploring, but if you only have one day- here are some ideas on how to spend it!

Top 5 Inspirational Travel Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List.

Travelling is often a fierce and unwavering passion for some. They enjoy the thrill of seeing a new location, visiting a different country, or indulging in a new culture. Some people have a bucket list that they like to tick off as and when they visit one of those dream destinations. A bucket list is a pretty common thing to have these days, filled not only with travel ideas but also any experience, from eating in a Michelin starred restaurant through to swimming with dolphins. However, if we are honest, many bucket lists can be quite generic and it seems that people are lacking imagination when it comes to devising their own.

Moving To Oz: A Brief Checklist

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For many people, moving to Australia is the dream of a lifetime. Lots of people, and for good reason, believe that the quality of life down under is much better than that at home. The wages are higher, the houses are bigger, and the beaches are amazing!  Not only that, but the weather on the other side of the world is a lot sunnier than up here in the northern hemisphere! Of course, with everything there are downsides; the cost of living is higher and you’re pretty far from any other country. However, the pros often outweigh the cons and Australia is a top destination to emigrate to! No wonder; with 3 Australian cities appearing in the world’s top 20 most livable!