Devils Bridge, Sedona, Arizona.

Want a short and relatively easy hike with epic scenic rewards that are rare to find anywhere else?

Of course you do, and Devils Bridge in Sedona is just the trick!

As one of the main attractions in the area, Devils Bridge has built a reputation as one of the best scenic spots that come with some great photo opportunities. The Bridge is a red rock arch that has been eroded over millions of years by wind and weather.

The bridge looks like its going to collapse at any second due to all the cracks. However, I’ve been told it’ll be there for a few thousand years to come. Lets hope they’re right!

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Why You Should Visit South Lake Tahoe In The Winter.

A lot of stuff happened in Heavenly Village, South Lake Tahoe whilst we were there; I lost my drone and a GoPro to the wilderness, we tasted the best pizza in the world (Jeremy Clarkson voice), we were nearly blown away by the ferocious winds on the lake shores and we skied in some of the best skiing conditions on planet earth – it was memorable to say the least!

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America – and you have to travel there.

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Vlog: The Journey To Her.

Ok, so I may have made these videos in the wrong order.

This video documents my Journey to America to visit my girlfriend Annie.


The previous two vlogs posted documented some of the fun stuff we got up to!

Please let me know if this video displays ok on here!

I hope you enjoy this you beautiful bunch x

Come Join me on my American Adventure!

Hey guys and gals!

Hope you’ve had a scrumptious Christmas and are ready for the new year!

I’ve been a bit quiet recently, due to the fact that its been the festive period, but also due to the fact that I’ve been getting ready to go to the states tomorrow!

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Guest Post: Find out why San Diego is America’s Finest City (city guide from a local)

As a born-and-raised San Diegan who spent three years traveling around Europe, I’ve met tons of people who’ve told me they always wanted to visit California. It usually goes something like this:

“I’m gonna fly to San Francisco, then rent a car and drive down the coast til I get to LA, and finally go to Las Vegas after that.”

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The America Series; The People of San Francisco.

As I sit here writing this post in the common room of my hostel in San Francisco, a somewhat serene scene is being played out in front of me. It’s a scene played out in hostels all across this blue and green marble upon which we live. You have the numerous slaves to their screens (I’m one of them at this moment in time) who are in their own little world. However, amongst these examples of social de-evolution are individual stories being played out that are unique and immensely interesting to watch.

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The America Series; Mount Lemmon, Tucson, Arizona

Part two of the America Series sees a trip to Mount Lemmon which is just north of Tuscon, Arizona. This was another awesome trip Annie had planned for us. Weirdly, I didn’t see a single lemon on the mountain.

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