Rhode Island College Party!

So you know when you think of American colleges (university’s) you think of beer pong, red cups, the different social groups, pristine campuses and high level sports? It looks like so much fun and you wish it was real life right? Well before we visited our friend Katie at a college in Rhode Island I was sceptical whether it was true or not, but alas, the visit proved that the movies weren’t actually lying and it is actually reality!

After a 2 and a half hour drive from Boston where we sped past a cop car and were lucky not to get pulled over, we crossed over from the state of Massachusetts into the State of Rhode Island. The GPS was taking us straight to the campus and to get there we had to cross several bridges over the coastal and bay area of Rhode Island which were beautiful themselves and had breath-taking views.


We arrived at the college and parked up on a street just off campus. We had no means of communicating with her so just started wandering around her campus kind of just hoping to bump into her. The campus itself was gorgeous; perfectly cut lawns, fountains in the middle of lakes, blue and white wooden cladded blocks of flats and plenty of statues. After a while we eventually accepted that we weren’t going to bump into her wandering around so we asked a couple of groups of students if they knew her (another long shot I know). Unsurprisingly at a campus with 5000 students the answer was no. We needed to contact her. We walked to the college library wanting to the use the computers to message Katie. We were expecting to be turned away as we weren’t students, but somehow we just strolled in, said hi to the receptionists, walked through the barriers with no questions asked and found a computer that somebody had forgotten to log out of. I logged onto Facebook, told her where we were and she said she’d come get us. After a few minutes we saw her walk across the lawn and into the library and we were reunited with one of our closest friends from over the summer!

The Library

Once reunited we headed to Katie’s accommodation where we were going to spend two nights. The accommodation was great, although we’d be sleeping on the floor, the rooms were like apartments and were really spacious whereas in England you’re stuck with your little cupboard to live in like Harry Potter.

Meanwhile back in England….

We then headed to the college canteen as we hadn’t eaten all day. This was where we first really had a taste of American college life. The canteen was full of students and It was so interesting to people watch; the groups you see in the films kind of existed to. The food was good as well with lots of choice and some of it was actually pretty healthy! That night we attended a dorm party off campus where we played many games of beer pong, talked to lots of American students and were asked to ‘say something!’ in our accents about 1462 times. It turned out to be a great night and we woke up the next morning all piled into Katie’s dorm feeling a little worse for the wear.


The day was now Sunday and Katie had Work due on Monday so we decided to leave her be for the day and visit the local coastal town of Newport. Although quite touristy, Newport is a nice place to visit as it has tons of bars, restaurants and shops available at your leisure. Whilst you’re not ogling the Maserati’s driving past or the massive yachts in the harbours there are also a series of cliff walks available as well as multiple beaches that are all worth a visit. Rejects beach, named as there is a beach nearby which you have to pay for and anyone who doesn’t want to pay goes to Rejects, is the best beach to visit in the area.

Once finished at the beach we headed back to meet Katie who suggested we go to Colt State Park to chill out and relax. If you have the time, this place is well worth a visit; there’s a great little jetty where you can find fisherman all day and it has amazing views over the bay and of Patience Island. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset. We stayed there for about an hour and on our way out in the car we nearly bumped into a Doe and her baby who were running across the road. That night we chilled with Katie and some of her friends on campus then hit the hay as Katie had class the next morning. We Woke up the next morning to Katie returning from her 9am class and realised we had to leave ASAP as we had to return our rental car to New York by 1pm that day. We showered, brushed our teeth and packed ready to go. We then said our goodbyes to Katie wo was great to us over the couple of days we were there. I’m sure I will see her again whether in the USA or across the pond in the UK.

Selfie x 4

Beeahs In Bwoston.

Bet you thought I made a spelling mistake in the title right? Well if you say it like its spelt then you’re talking like a Bostonian. The accents of the true Bostonians are awesome; you could listen to them all day as they talk about going to the pahk (park) and drinking some beeahs (beers), they’re also friendly and helpful as hell.

The city itself is diverse and is full of business professionals whilst at the same time being popular with the younger crowd resulting in the city being pretty hipster with a lot of cool bars and pubs which reminded me of Shoreditch or Islington in London. As well as the people, the city is also pretty cool. When you arrive you instantly notice the red brick buildings that fill Boston as well as the countless bridges that span the water surrounding the city which I personally think look great.

As far as attractions are concerned the Museum of fine arts (MFA) is well worth a visit. I’m not usually into art museums but this one was pretty cool. There was art from over a thousand years ago to the present day from all over the world. We spent about 3 hours there but that still wasn’t enough time to see all the exhibits. Harvard and MIT campuses are close together but in my opinion can be skipped unless you like to look at the architecture of buildings for the whole day as there is not actually much to do there other than the tours of the campuses. Fenway Park is worth a visit though. There is an hour tour where you go into the changing rooms and media box but I was happy with the 15 minute tour which is great if you want to save time and money whilst also seeing the most important parts of the grounds. The monument to the battle of Bunker Hill is the other notable attraction worth a visit. The staircase to the top is long, winding and narrow but the views over the city are good and the centre of the monument is hollow with an iron grill on the top which you can walk over and look down to the bottom. The main reason I’d recommend a visit to Bunker Hill is for the guy who was talking outside dressed in old revolutionary battle gear. He talked about the battle in such great detail and was so enthusiastic to the point where I started imagining the battle going on around us and couldn’t stop listening.

In Boston we saw two sides of the night life on offer. On our first night out we went to meet a friend from camp in Newbury Street in central Boston. Unfortunately things didn’t work out and we couldn’t meet her but we decided stayed on the street and visited a couple of bars. Newbury Street is what you would call affluent; the street is lined with designer clothes and jewellery shops. After getting talking to a couple of ladies at the bar It turned out to be where the entrepreneurs and successful business people hung out, although surprisingly this wasn’t reflected in the alcohol prices which was a pleasant surprise. We stayed out for a few drinks in a couple of fancy looking bars and learnt a lot about the upper echelons of Boston which was interesting to get into a glimpse into the world of artists, film directors and entrepreneurs. However ultimately it wasn’t our scene so we left to get the last train home. The second night we travelled to Haymarket. This part of Boston is full of bars, pubs and a few street performers all along one big strip and attracts a mixture of locals and tourists. Most of the bars in this area have live music and it is basically just a big party all the way down the street. The crowd here is a mixture of people ranging from the young to any age but it works out and everyone enjoys themselves. This area was definitely more our scene and a cab ride at 2am was the only way home.

The only downside to Boston is the price. It’s the 6th most expensive city in the world for accommodation and the 1st most expensive city listed on Airbnb. This was reflected in the hostel prices; we looked for hostels in the centre of the city but it was about $70 a night and they were all sold out anyway. We eventually found a hostel just over the river but it was still pretty expensive at $55 a night. Boston also has the most road tunnels out of any city I’ve visited and as a result is a nightmare for GPS’s. We missed multiple turnings whilst searching for our hostel due to the GPS not working in the tunnels then taking time to catch up once out the tunnel. We ended up driving around Boston for about 2 hours on arrival looking for our hostel. However, we actually didn’t mind because we weren’t rushed for time and had fun exploring the city.

All in all Boston is a great city. It’s so diverse and we managed to see different sides of the city in just the 2 nights. There’s plenty for sightseers to do as well as sports fans and those that just want to enjoy their food and drink. There’s plenty to do at a night time as well with Haymarket being the go to place for most people. The city also has some great parks that are great to chill out in on a hot summer’s day. I hoped that we could meet up with our friend who could have hopefully shown us parts of Boston off the beaten track. However, I’m sure I’ll be back in Boston again when I can explore the city some more and rekindle my love for the Bostonian accent…