Travel Route; 1 Month Thailand

You have a whole month to spend travelling one country!? lucky old you! Good job you’re visiting Thailand, a country where you could travel for about a year and still not see everywhere. Here’s your ultimate guide to spending 30 splendid days where you can white water raft down rivers formed by huge waterfalls, chill on the beaches, visit the golden triangle, swim in emerald blue pools or chill in a hammock surrounded by mountains, the possibilities in Thailand are endless…

Top Tips For First Time SE Asia Travelers.

So you’ve probably noticed I post about South East Asia – A lot! That’s because its a dope ass place that I can’t get enough of and dope ass mo fo’s like yourself need to experience it to! I’ve posted why you should visit Asia and I hope I’ve convinced you to give it a try. If you’re thinking of going, here are some tips that are specific to Asian countries that might help you survive in at least two pieces.

Travel Route; Two Week Southern Thailand.

A couple of years back I spent an amazing month in Thailand. Throughout my time there I fell in love with a completely different culture which is bonkers, beautiful nature, great people and food that was SO GOOD. Thailand is also ridiculously cheap compared to the west; try £3 for a slap up meal that will stuff you and £10 a night for a 3 star hotel.

Travel Route; The Length of Vietnam (1 Month)

Vietnam is a country on wonders. The country has an enthralling history involving the west and Its scenery ranges from dense mountainous jungle to white sandy beaches. Vietnam is a great country to travel as it is thin and tall so you can pretty much travel it in a continuous route along the coast with not much backtracking.

The America Series; The People of San Francisco.

As I sit here writing this post in the common room of my hostel in San Francisco, a somewhat serene scene is being played out in front of me. It’s a scene played out in hostels all across this blue and green marble upon which we live. You have the numerous slaves to their screens (I’m one of them at this moment in time) who are in their own little world. However, amongst these examples of social de-evolution are individual stories being played out that are unique and immensely interesting to watch.

The America Series; Mount Lemmon, Tucson, Arizona

Part two of the America Series sees a trip to Mount Lemmon which is just north of Tuscon, Arizona. This was another awesome trip Annie had planned for us. Weirdly, I didn’t see a single lemon on the mountain.

The America Series; Seven Falls, Tucson, Arizona

Welcome to the America Series. A 3 part series documenting three places I traveled to after I finished working at summer camp. Entry number one documents a hike up to Seven Falls in Tucson, Arizona. I was in Tucson visiting Annie who I had met at summer camp. She had hiked seven falls with her family when she was younger and decided to take this British fool along with her on another hike up this amazing trail.