Tenerife: The One Canary Island You Have To Visit!

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Although Spanish is the official language of the Canary Islands, they are actually closer to the continent of Africa than they are the mainland of Spain. This means that the climate in the archipelago on the islands such as Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura is quite consistent, offering a warm temperature throughout the year. However, with quite an abundance of places to choose from when picking where to go, Tenerife can get looked over often – despite being able to offer so much…

A Fiery History

Tenerife is the largest of all of the isles that make up the Canaries, and it has much of the same background as the others – made from the residues of active volcanoes. There is a huge volcanic crater in the middle of the island at the Teide National Park, with Mount Teide dominating the views over it. Again, although not strictly residing in Spain, this is the highest of any peaks that Spain have to offer.

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Mixing Fire With Water

One of the best aquatic theme parks in the whole world is the Siam Park in Tenerife. This offers steep, fast slides for you to slip down at high speeds as well as deep pools for you to relax in as the day goes on. Not only that, but there are shows from dolphins and other marine creatures for you to view at specific times – what more could you want from your holidays to Tenerife? It’s great for both adults and kids, so don’t limit yourself if you don’t fit the arbitrary criteria of having to be a child to enter. It’s especially good at filling the whole day if you have nothing else better planned – although this is probably one of the best things that you can find to do! If sitting all day in a water park doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can get out onto one of the many glorious beaches (there are black beaches on the West side of Tenerife that have been made up from volcanic ash should you fancy a change) and go on one of the many dolphin and whale watching trips that are on offer to you. Make sure that you go with a recommended tour guide to ensure that you are fully covered insurance wise, as well as being safe out on the water; it’s a great day out.

The History Of The Island

While a lot of people just have Tenerife noted down as a holiday destination, there is a vast history that has made up the island over the years to what we know it as today. The Cueva del Viento is a labyrinth that runs underneath the town of Icod de Los Vienos, going on for eleven miles over three floors. There are guided tours that you can get around this volcanic feature, but don’t expect to do the whole route in a night – it’s far more than anyone can be expected to walk in the average day, never mind packed into one night.

How To Holiday in Style and Luxury.


Everyone wants to go on vacation to escape the worries and troubles of their general working life. However, many people only think about where they’re going to vacation and don’t think about further considerations, such as how to do so with the most style.

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What’s The Best Way Spend a Day in Perth?

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Along with the epic remote outback and beautiful beaches, Australia also has some of the most incredible cities in the world; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide to name a few. But one that should really be on your list to visit is Perth, this Western Australian capital gives you the benefit of the city and beach rolled into one. You could easily spend a full week or two exploring, but if you only have one day- here are some ideas on how to spend it!

Visit Some Attractions

Being a bustling, busy city there’s plenty of tourists attractions in Perth. From museums to galleries to Perth’s famous zoo and aquarium. There’s Adventure World theme park if you’re seeking thrills, national parks, marine parks, gardens and so much more. You could go for a stroll, pack up a picnic and enjoy the glorious Australian weather. Or you could book tickets to a selection of attractions. Do some research, find out what appeals to you most so you can get the very best from your time.

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Go Shopping

If you want to spend some cash and have a day of retail therapy, you won’t be disappointed in Perth. From huge department stores featuring luxury designers to markets selling all kinds of wares and everything in between. If you want to make a day of it, you could head out on the Freemantle train line, It starts in Perth City and heads to Subiaco, Claremont, Cottesloe and finally Fremantle- all fantastic shopping hotspots.

Enjoy The Food

With a beautiful warm climate all year round, it’s no wonder that barbeques and outdoor grilling is so popular in Australia. In Perth, there are tonnes of places where you can try some tasty grilled treats. If you want to keep is casual, Side Door BBQ and Tony Roma’s are both good choices. You can even try different cuisines within the theme of barbecue food, Good Fortune Roast Duck House and Hong Kong BBQ House for example are Chinese grills, Lapa Brazillian serves Brazilian food, and Restaurant Gangnam serves Korean grilled dishes. Whether you want to try some fine dining or keep it casual on budget, there are different types of food from all cuisines and all price points to try.

Go To The Beach

If you’re looking to visit the city and the beach in one trip, it could be worth planning your transport options. There are buses and trains which interlink the two, but to save hassle you could hire a car. You can find a cheap hire car from lots of places, so it’s no worry if you’re on a budget, and that way you can easily get from A to B. It’s only around a twenty minute drive from the city to one of the beaches on the coast, so you could easily spend half the day in the city and the other half at the beach, or however you wanted to divide up your time. Some of the most famous beaches include Scarborough Beach, offering stunning white sands and lots to do and see. You could hire some surf equipment and have a go at some watersports, grab something to eat, explore the shops or sunbathe with a cocktail. Perth’s Cottesloe Beach is another great contender, and one of Perth’s most famous.

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Enjoy The Waters

Another opportunity to see and explore Perth is by boat! You could hire a yacht or book onto a party boat while you get epic views of the city and beaches from the clear blue waters. There are lunch and dinner cruises, even opportunities to swim with dolphins with certain boat charters. You could cruise the Swan River, or go on a Penguin Island cruise which includes a guided walk. Whether you’re looking to party, see incredible wildlife species or completely relax while taking in the views, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Ideally, you will have more than a day to spend in beautiful Perth, but if you’re limited on time, these are just a few of the ways you could use your time and make memories to last forever. If you do your research and then create an itinerary of the places you most want to visit, it will allow you to get the very most out of your trip. When you don’t have much time to spend, you don’t want to waste a minute!

Have you ever visited Perth? What advice would you give to someone who had a day to explore?

Norway: The Unsung Beauty Of Europe.

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For most of us when we think of travelling around Europe we would reflect on the more sunny places. From relaxing on a beach in Spain to spending some time in Italy or sampling some food in Greece. Norway might not be at the top of your list for luxurious European destinations, but as a country, it has a lot to offer tourists and seasoned holidaymakers alike. As a destination, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and there are fantastic attractions, but there are also places to relax and soak up the culture. Here are a few.

The Northern Lights

You can’t really discuss Norway without mentioning the Northern Lights. One of the most beautiful examples of solar projection at work you can stand and marvel at the sight. If you have wondered what causes the Northern Lights, you can read about it at the aforementioned link, but if you’re not a scientist it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy one of the most fantastic natural projections on the planet, and it really makes you realise how beautiful this planet really is.


While this may not be the top destination for most tourists in Europe, Oslo does not have the scale of other capital cities around the world. The fact that it is so close to beautiful mountains and vast wilderness means that you have options for adventure right on your doorstep. Although if you would rather go on a cultural jaunt instead, you can go to the Nasjonalgalleriet where, among many other major works of art, you can see Edvard Munch’s The Scream. And once you’ve had your fill of culture you can go exploring on boats and look at the many fjords.

Go For The Quiet Times

You don’t have to wander around the cities, but instead, you could head to small towns like Alesund which is a hotbed of arts and culture and hosts various literature and theatre festivals. You could also visit the oldest city in Norway, Trondheim, which is a very relaxed place, where you could spend hours wandering around the various museums, such as the Rockheim, which is dedicated to the history of Norwegian music.

Relax With Happy People

Norway was voted the happiest country in the world, and it is very obvious to any tourist that it is deserving of the title! It’s very difficult to be miserable when you are hanging around with the most relaxed people on the planet. You can bask in the happy vibes of Norway’s locals in its many coffee houses or bars.

Go For The Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the Norwegians favourite pastimes is what they call friluftsliv, which doesn’t have a literal translation in English but it means “free air life.” Essentially it is about enjoying the outdoors and connecting with nature, and you can’t turn a corner without being met by some beautiful scenery. But the best way to experience the Fjords and mountains is to embark on a fjord cruise package which tends to go from the North of the country to the South via glaciers, sea life, and some sites that are UNESCO protected.

Norway may not have the pizzazz of the more showy countries in Europe, but if you looking for a relaxing holiday where you can catch some wonderful sights in excellent company, then you should say “yes way” to Norway!


Your Guide to European City-Hopping On a Budget.

It’s time to explore the large cities of Europe, discover a mix of cuisines in each country, and watch the scenery change as you arrive at your next destination; add your favourite travel companion, and it is a dream come true. The sad thing is that we usually need to save up for these trips, and often an entire year in advance if you’re a student – it kind of puts a damper on the excitement, doesn’t it?

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Luckily for you, people have managed to travel between major European cities without spending too much at all. Take advantage of their knowledge and start packing right away – Paris, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, and many more are waiting for you.

Use Trains To Travel

Although a plain ticket between cities in Europe is affordable and fast, especially when you book them either up front or right before you intend on departing, you can save a lot by travelling by train. Consider investing in an Interrail ticket as these are flexible and basically designed for the young traveller who would like to see a bit more of Europe than just one country.

You can choose between an all-round ticket that’s somewhat more expensive but gives you the freedom to roam as much as you please, or a more limited ticket where you get a set amount of train journeys. There is really no downside to either; if you want to spend a month going from country to country, I recommend the all-round ticket as you don’t have to keep track of how many journeys you’ve taken. If you only want to see a few, you’d be better off with the more affordable option to not waste money unnecessarily.

Trains = accomodation!

Another benefit to travelling by train is that you might get an overnight train when you go between the main cities. Sleep like a baby in a compartment of your own, stack yourself up on a shelf above your friend, nap in your seat between other passengers, or try to make yourself comfortable on the floor when you don’t have a reservation. You can go from first class to third class in a blink of an eye, but you’ll get to the next station nonetheless.

Stay in Affordable rooms

When you don’t have an overnight train, you should consider using Airbnb or Couchsurfing. They both offer affordable accommodation in the comfort of other people’s home, and you don’t need to worry about staying at some lunatic’s house as people leave reviews and ratings of the place. Just make sure you’re a good guest, as they’re going to give you a rating as well!

If you want to have your own kitchen and all you can find on Airbnb is a single room, you can have a look at short term rentals by London Serviced Apartments. They have similar options in Berlin and the other large European cities, too, so there’s no need to worry about not getting to cook your own dinner.

Use Public Transport

Remember to stay true to the public transport system they have in the cities you visit. It’s mostly to save money, but also to explore the area as it should be explored – not in the back of a comfortable car, but squeezed between other tired travellers.

Your Top Tips For Backpacking Success!

Of all the ways to travel, backpacking has to be one of the most exciting around. The real beauty of backpacking is that you can more or less wander as a free person, come and go as you please, and (usually) spend a lot less money than travelling in many other ways. But for all its joys and advantages, there are also a number of challenges inherent in this mode of travel. It is not for the light-hearted or the underprepared, and there are many things you should consider before heading off. Let’s think about some of the ways that you can ensure you have a much better time while backpacking.


Knowledge Of The Route & Destination

Some of the best steps you can take actually happen before you set out. The more research you do before you go, the more likely it is that you can make the most of it and have the best possible time of your life. Wherever it is that you intend on going, be sure to carry out plenty of research beforehand, as this will help you when you are on the road. Even if you don’t have a specific route planned, get a feel for the general area. You will want to know what kind of amenities, if any, are around, as well as the nature of the local people. If you need to learn another language, get on it before you go. Preparation is the key to backpacking success.

The Backpack

Strange as it sounds, many backpackers do not actually put much thought into the backpack itself. But the kind of bag you take with you is going to determine what kind of trip you have, and how fortunate you end up being. So make sure you go for something suitable for the journey itself. In some instances, this might mean choosing a backpack which can hide some secrets or other useful survival tools. Take a look at some tactical backpack reviews, and see if you can find a suitable one. If you are going for a longer journey, you might be more interested in getting your hands on a backpack with good size. Think carefully about the trip, and tailor your choice of backpack carefully with that in mind.


Emergency Supplies

You will notice that the general theme here is preparation. You basically want to be as prepared as possible so that you can face anything which might come your way. A big part of this is always going to be ensuring that you are prepared for any specific emergencies. A number of things can go wrong on such a journey, and you want to know that you are as prepared as possible, just in case the worst should happen. Pack a first aid kit, at the very least, and anything else which you feel might be necessary. The more prepared you are for emergencies, the more likely you will enjoy the trip and not have any particular anxiety about it – this in itself will make for a much more enjoyable journey.


It is clear from these three top tips that preparation is key! One of my favourite sayings is: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. So plan your route, grab the most suitable backpack, and also prepare for when things don’t go so well! If you do this your mind can be at ease and you will be free to enjoy the wonders of backpacking across this beautiful planet!

Don’t Let the Rain Spoil Your Stay in Swansea

When going on holiday, the last thing anyone wants to experience is rain. Unfortunately, no one can control the weather. While Swansea is filled with so many scenic walks and beautiful beaches nearby, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit and sulk in your hotel room if it is raining. Below, we reveal some of the best things to do in Swansea when the weather is bad. After all, it is always good to have a backup plan.

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Visit The Chocolate Factory

When booking your holiday in Swansea, it is likely that you will research all of the best places to visit. Come rain or shine, if you are a chocolate lover, this is definitely a place you will want to have at the top of your list. The Chocolate Factory is a family-run chocolatier, with guided tours that give you an insight into how chocolate is made. It is really interesting but, of course, the best part is the sampling!

Swansea Museum

Swansea Museum is actually the oldest museum in the whole of Wales, however, it does not get the attention it deserves, as it is often overshadowed by the maritime museum that is located nearby. Despite this, Swansea Museum is definitely worth a visit. You will find displays of ships and boats, as well as a celebration of the relationship between horse and human, and exhibitions that mark 100 years of the Women’s Institute of Swansea. To say it is an interesting place is an understatement. You will definitely learn a lot!


No matter whether you are taking a solo trip to Swansea or you are going with the family, a trip to Plantasia does not disappoint. Here you will find a rainforest bang in the middle of Swansea, where you will witness a hothouse trail with giant plants and tropical zones. Plus, you will be able to get close to the spiders, bearded dragons, chameleons, and Tamarin monkeys. This is definitely one of the best ways to put a smile on your face when the weather is gloomy.

Swansea Market

Most markets are held outdoors, but the good news for you is that Swansea market is not only held indoors, but it is also the largest indoor market in Wales. You will find more than 100 stalls, which sell clothes, jewellery, gifts, local produce, and much more. You will be able to find plenty of Welsh goodies, including lavabread, cockles, and freshly made Welsh cakes. Plus, if all of the shopping has you feeling tired, you will find a number of different cafes so that you can have a welcome breather.

Dylan Thomas Birthplace

Last but not least, the list would not be complete without mentioning the birthplace of Dylan Thomas, one of Wales’ literary giants. The house looks exactly like it did when Dylan’s family bought it in 1914, and it is open for a number of tours throughout the day. If you want a guided tour, you should either book online or call in advance.