Finding A Place To Stay In London.

London is a truly amazing global city. From the iconic London Eye to the historic West End, Buckingham Palace to Regents Park, and from Hipster Shoreditch to upmarket Mayfair, you’re never short of things to do in this magical melting pot. Of course, however, any trip like this will come at a cost; London is one of the most expensive cities in the World for people to visit and stay. Unfortunately, the pure expense puts off a lot of holidaymakers from visiting the capital. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, with the right research and time, you can find cheap alternatives to the expensive hotels in London. To help you out, this post will be going through three of the best ways to stay in London without breaking the bank. So, once your accommodation is sorted, all you have to do is head out into the city and explore!

There’s an Awesome Farm in The Middle of London!

I remember going to farms as a youngster; the excitement of seeing all the animals, feeding them, and thinking I could actually talk to them. My favorite were the sheep and goats who nearly took your hand with them when they gobbled up the food you gave them. Now that i’m older I realize, to my disappointment, that I am no Dr Doolittle. However, the memories of visiting farms as a youngster are still very vivid and i’m sure I learnt a thing or to when I visited them!

Greenwich, London: The Top 5 Places The Locals Go.

There’s a general rule when it comes places to go and things to do in destinations:

If the locals like it then its bloody good and you’re going to have a unique experience.

Greenwich in South East London is no different and contains hidden gems that you wont find through your tour operators. This list contains a Sushi restaurant, a pub, a wine bar, a jazz cub an a planetarium! Variety is the spice of life 😉

London Sky Garden Adventure.

Excuse me sir, no photos!

Alright Kanye, calm down.

I have to say, the start to my Sky Garden adventure was a rather annoying one; a very well dressed security guard jumping up in front of me to stop me taking a photo of the entrance lobby was not what I expected – I still got the photo though 😉

This is Where to go For Drinks in London

So you’re thinking of visiting old blighty and taking a trip to London ay? Well here are a few places to hit up in the evenings that you might not of heard of but are sure to be a hit!

Street Feast – Various locations, East London.London+Union+-+Dinerama+-+Night+Time+Site+4+-+Credit+Johnny+StephensStreet feast has 4 venues across East London; Shoreditch, Canada Water, Lewisham and Dalston Junction.  They’re open from  March/April until late summer and contain some great independent pop up food and drink stalls. At the Market you can sample Indian, sea food, steak, Chinese, Mexican….the list goes on. All of this in a buzzing atmosphere with pool tables and beer pong!


Waxy O’connors – Just off Leicester Square.waxy-o-connor-s-pub (1)Enter this Irish pub just off Leicester Square and you will feel like you’ve been transported back into something out of Lord of The Rings. The decor in this place is simply magnificent; with amazing wood carvings, dozens of little hideaway rooms, enough staircases to rival Hogwarts and to top it off – a tree in the middle of it all! This is all accompanied by great live music and the unbeatable Irish charm.


Bounce – Holborn and Old Street.Booking Ping Pong 17th 1040x360If your into table tennis, good drinks and delicious bar food (lets be honest who isn’t!?) – then Bounce is the place for you! If you fancy a slightly different date or just want to have a hit and a beer with a few mates then you can pre book tables at a reasonable price! Be prepared to get some amazing rallies going – automatic win if you get it in your opponents glass 😉


Blues Kitchen – Shoreditch.The-Blues-Kitchen-Shoreditch-2.jpgWith a lovely rustic decor, live jazz music and one of the best atmospheres I’ve been in, Blue’s Kitchen is a place to visit! This bar has great blues acts playing into the early hours and a dance floor to show off your slick moves. The picture says it all – why wouldn’t you want to drink there?!


Flight club – Shoreditch.flight-club-london-4-optimisedSocial Darts is the name of this place. Darts boards to hire by the hour and set up kind of like a bowling alley. Don’t worry – you don’t have to deal with the tricky maths as there is an automatic score keeping system! A great place for a laugh on a night out, surrounded by nice rustic décor and the place isn’t too expensive either.