Top 5 cities in Eastern Europe

With a look of old and new, sharp and soft, Eastern Europe invites visitors for an untimely experience. If you are enthusiastic about discovering grand history, or a person seeking modern excitement, this place is ideal for you. This region will gift you a one of a kind experience that will last a lifetime.

Budapest You Beauty – City Guide.

Budapest is a gem in the crown of European cities. It’s grand architecture, great bar scene and countless spas and pools make it a must see destination.┬áIf you haven’t visited Budapest you sure need to. Here’s how to do it right…

5 of The Best European Festivals For You to Visit.

Festivals are an awesome time, whether they be food, music or a ridiculous tradition like throwing tomatoes at each other. Here are five festivals that are worth hitting up across Europe.

The Top 10 European Destinations for Backpackers.

Europe is great for backpackers; unrestricted travel, great transport links, universal currency (apart from us Brits, we like the queen on our money), the best hostels and a diverse mix of great countries. Here are my top 10 European cities for backpackers and my favourite hostel in each destination.