Your Ultimate Maldives Travel Guide

Out there, in the exotic waters of the mysterious Indian Ocean, lies a cluster of dreamlike islands that has become renowned around the world for its unrelenting beauties. This archipelago is known as the Maldives and it has become one of the most exclusive and desired destinations for tourists from every corner of the globe. If you have never visited this place, first of all – why haven’t you, and second of all – here’s a first timer’s Maldives travel guide.

Maldives, image 2

A true tropical paradise

The Maldives lies somewhere between India and Africa and it belongs to South Asia. The grand archipelago of countless coral islands grouped into 26 atolls stretches out into the horizon like a set of elegant sand dunes that rise out of the vibrant sea. It is by far the lowest lying country in the world – known to rise as high as 8 feet above the sea level at its highest point. The whole collective has somewhere around 400,000 residents that inhabit somewhere around 17% of islands. It is an independent republic of people that come from Arab, Sinhalese and Indian cultures, and they mostly practice Sunni Islam. Maldivian Dhivehi is the official language, but it is not uncommon to come across locals that speak English.

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The realm of hidden potential

Did you know that out of circa 1,190 coral islands of the Maldives, only around 200 of them are regularly inhabited and 80 more have resorts on them? This means that there is something like 900 islands out there ripe for exploration. You can almost certainly find some guided tours of the most scenic wild beaches, but remember – this is your playground during your stay, and there is a lot to do. The amazing Maldives travel packages offer some truly opportune adventuring experiences such as surfing trips, stargazing, outdoor cinema, underwater diving, and dolphin watching.

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A matter of safety?

Most potential newcomers to any popular destination are concerned with one pressing issue – whether the exotic location is safe or not. You will be happy to know that the Maldives is extremely safe, as well as primed and ready for tourists from every corner of the world. Of course, if you are mingling around places that are mostly frequented by locals, certain behaviors are frowned upon (such as excessive alcohol drinking and drug use). Furthermore, you won’t find any pork outside of tourist-focused areas such as resorts. This is, after all, a predominantly Sunni Muslim country. Still, if you want to have some unadulterated, decadent fun, the resorts are equipped to offer everything you need.

Make it a short stay

While we are on the topic of resorts, most tourists tend to splurge in resorts that usually encompass the only facilities on the island. This is why many tourists that do not have enough money for some outlandish adventuring and cool escapades get bored after a short period. If you want to strike a perfect balance between fun and hedonism, make it a short stay and leave after five days. During this time, snorkel as much as you can and go on several deep diving sessions. Remember that, by visiting the Maldives, you are basically sitting on a treasure trove of colorful underwater flora and fauna which is typical tor tropical coral reefs.

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Time your visit

The perfect time window to plan a Maldives vacation lies somewhere between November and April. This is the calmest season when it comes to volatile weather conditions. Apart from that, from May to October, the archipelago is exposed to unpredictable outbursts of monsoons which peak in July and August. While the temperature tends to settle at an average of 30°C, do not expect absolutely perfect weather. The downpour can develop in a heartbeat, but at least it rarely gets crispy outside.

Diligent workers from around the globe rarely get a chance to truly let loose and go on a vacation of their dreams. The Maldives is one of those destinations that appears to have dropped out of heaven to appease such hard-working people who just want to savor a slice of paradise in order to get reinvigorated for the next year. If you are eager for a tropical adventure, the Maldives is a perfect place for you.

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