4 Smaller Venues Hosting Live Performances in Singapore.

If you’re visiting Singapore to attend a show or concert at the Esplanade, then you might as well check out some of the other venues the city has to offer. There are many places in the city with something for all types of interests, be it rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz, or pop. Here are four choices to add to the list of places to check out.

Acid Bar

This bar is located in a restored shophouse. Different bands play here every night. They are all about helping new groups get out into the open. That means that this bar doesn’t specialize in one type of music. It has every musical genre, with something new every night to suit any taste. It’s within walking distance of several hotels, giving you something to do nearby if you would like to get out but not go too far. There are several other venues nearby if you decide to explore the surrounding area.

Crazy Elephant

16090190040_72dd1822c7_bImage via Flickr by cat_collector

Looking for some rock ‘n’ roll? Or maybe searching for the blues? Either way, Crazy Elephant has got you covered. This rock ‘n’ roll blues bar is the perfect place to spend time with good music, a couple of drinks, and a billiards table. The walls are colorful and covered in graffiti, giving this bar a unique urban vibe while the bands play an assortment of rock ‘n’ roll and blues. Take a moment to enjoy reading the notes left on the walls and maybe add your own. It’s also worth it to mention that all shows are free of cover charges.

Wala Wala’s

If you’re interested in rock rather than blues, be sure to check out Wala Wala’s. This bar gives local newbies a chance to display their talents. Wala Wala’s also hosts favorite bands of the area, such as Jack & Rai. With two stories available to the public, the lower has a sports bar for the sports fans and upstairs is where the music happens. They don’t limit themselves to just music, either, with comedy acts and more gracing their stage.


Dancing, art, music, and comedy are all present at Canvas. Kumar, one of Singapore’s most popular comedians, frequents this lounge/nightclub, making it a hot spot for locals. They have live music shows and DJs on top of the comedy. If you’re in the mood to laugh, you’ll definitely want to add Canvas to the list of venues to visit. The neon-lit dance floor is something to see all on its own.

From comedy to rock ‘n’ roll blues, Singapore has new venues all the time. Don’t limit yourself to the live shows at the Esplanade. Wander the city and check out the bars and cafes. You’ll be surprised at how many have their own shows and open mic nights and you might even get the courage to try it yourself. So explore and don’t miss what Singapore has to offer. You may find something new that’s to you’re liking.

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