5 Unique Food Markets in South London.

South side is da best. Not being biased at all, but it is. In recent years the south of London has exploded in with cool things to do and trendy places to be. Food Markets are one of the many sprinkles on the giant cake that is London, and south London is not short of them. Whether it’s a day out with family and friends, or a cheeky evening date, these markets will leave you wanting more with their quirky little stalls and unique vibes.

Maltby Street Market – Bermondsey

Images from Kai Hughes

Maltby Street Market is getting rave reviews from the people who go there, yet thankfully it can still be classed as a hidden gem – some people who live in Bermondsey don’t even know it’s there! The market runs down a thin strip of road that is sandwiched in between the arches of a railway line on one side and modern blocks of flats on the other.

Open on Saturdays and Sundays the market caters for all types of food; sweet and savoury waffles, dedicated beef stalls, Brownie stalls, and a cheese truck. The market also caters very well for vegans and vegetarians. Enjoy!

Flat Iron Square – Southwark


Flat iron Square is the newest addition on this list. Opened in 2016 it carries on the theme from Maltby Market of railway arches. Situated within 7 of these arches you can find a fantastic pizza joint, Motherclucker, Savage Salads, a pancake stall, and south east Asian cuisine.

The market contains a green space that is perfect to relax in during the day. The project is a first step on trying to link together different communities along the bankside rail viaduct and hopefully this will include more unique markets!

Greenwich Market – Greenwich

8533371717_64ea4527a7_bImage via Flickr from Garry Knight

Having recently gone through major restoration project, Greenwich Market is now a fresh and shiny covered market that plays host to every kind of stall you can imagine. Within the main hall of the market are the temporary stalls that range from hand crafted watches all the way down to the tastiest Chinese food you can imagine.

Around the edge of the market, built into its structure, are permanent shops. Some of these range from a dedicated map store to a shop full of antique posters. The food is towards the north side of the market and literally ranges from all corners of the world, the sushi stalls are my favourite.

Spa Terminus – Bermondsey

If you’re visiting Maltby Market that’s first on this list, then you also have to take a trip to Spa Terminus, its literally down the road! Spa Terminus is a new addition to the area and is made up of sellers who were previously at Maltby market but decided to set up another market with a slightly more traditional feel. Here you will find among others: Ice Cream Union, the London Honey Company, Mons Cheesemongers, and fine wine establishments.

Venn Street Market – Clapham


Open every Saturday on Clapham Common Venn street market is a market that works specifically with local producers and farmers. You will find vegetable stores, fish mongers, bakeries, cheese stalls, and of course brownie stalls! There are plenty of areas to sit down and soak up the atmosphere, as well of plenty of places to sit down and enjoy the lovely food and drinks that are on offer!


These 5 markets are each unique in their own way and have slightly different vibes. All these markets are south of the river and within public transport distance, so you could definitely visit more than one in a day if you like. The food you find will be different in each market, as will be the establishments in which you sit down and eat in. Take note of these 5 markets and let your tastes buds have a great day out too!

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