Iceland Bound? Here’s Your Must See List.

If you like your holidays to be full of adventure, Iceland is the ideal trip for you. It isn’t your average sunbathing, sand and sea, and you’re more likely to have a hot chocolate in your hand than a cocktail, but it will certainly be an experience to remember. Iceland is one of those places you absolutely have to see at least once in a lifetime, and with so much to do there, it’s difficult to narrow down your sightseeing list. So, if you’ve got a short time frame in Iceland, here’s what you need to prioritise.

Game of Thrones Tour

If you’re a GOT fan, you’ll already know that part of the show was filmed in Iceland. You can now follow in your favourite characters steps and explore the land where filming took place. The tour lasts all day and you may learn some facts you didn’t know.


The Northern Lights

Let’s be honest, most people go to Iceland in the hopes of catching a glimpse of The Northern Lights. The spectacle known as Aurora Borealis displays a natural phenomenon in the sky where you can see an array of different coloured lights. It really is breathtaking. You can book a tour from Reykjavik at night and you’ll spend a few hours looking at Iceland’s finest scenery. If you’re unlucky and don’t manage to see the lights on your tour, you can usually rebook for free.

The Golden Circle

Taking a Golden Circle day tour will stop you at three separate places: Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir National Park. You’ll get to see some fantastic Icelandic scenery along the way, but your stops are what you’ll really look forward to. The Gullfoss waterfall is mesmerising to see and a true inspiration to anyone who loves nature. You’ll also witness bubbling pools and tectonic rifts. It’s a tour worth doing if you want to see something truly different and rarely found anywhere else in Europe.


Blue Lagoon

The famous Blue Lagoon is one of the best ways to take in what Iceland has to offer while feeling totally relaxed. Take a dip into the warm water, enjoying the geothermal temperatures and all the spa has to offer. Sip on an Icelandic tea (hot or cold) while walking through the surface mist that the lagoon creates. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or solos holiday, the Blue Lagoon always fits the description. You’ll be surrounded by amazing scenery, most of which has been created by volcanic action. You’ll be able to spy lava creations from your cozy spot and it will definitely be a night to remember.


If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junky, you can’t leave Iceland without having a go at snowmobiling. Imagine jumping on a snowmobile for the first time and being guided through the glaziers of lush Iceland and you’ll have an idea of how wonderful this excursion really is. Fly at speed through the powdered snow and get the thrill of a lifetime. Remember to wrap up warm and follow your instructor’s trail.


52 thoughts on “Iceland Bound? Here’s Your Must See List.

  1. Yes, iceland is heaven on the earth. there are many places in iceland like Blue Lagoon, Northern lights, Gullfoss..and many other but my favourite one is golden circle. I remember those days when i visited iceland with my friends that was so much fun. Your blog is great!

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      1. We’ve got 3 nights staying in Rekyavik (forgive the spelling), it was a gift. We’d always wanted to go so with a few days we want to try and fit in as much as possible of the main things to see. From what you’ve said and a bit of looking online it seems the blue lagoon, golden circle tour and northern lights trip would be a good place to start. It would be great to see either Gulfoss or Jokulsarlon Lagoon, but both seem quite far. So likely we’ll see what we can then go back and rent a car for a few weeks to explore properly another time

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        1. 3 nights is a good amount and an awesome gift! The 3 that you mentioned are definitely worth it. You could if you want, hire a car and the blue lagoon, northern lights, and golden circle are all easy to drive yourself to. This is especially important for the northern lights as clouds will stop you seeing it; if you have a car you can use a weather radar website and drive to the parts of the island that don’t have cloud cover! We booked on a tour for the northern lights and didn’t see them at all 😦

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  2. Those are some beautiful shots! I’ve been thinking of taking a trip to Iceland for a few years now but it never really materialized. After reading this, my interest is definitely peaking again, more so since my other half is a huge GOT fan. The tour’s definitely on my list as I’m sure he’d really enjoy it. Do you have to book the tour in advance?

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    1. Was that planned or spontaneous!? It’s great! You should deffo go and visit the south of the country as well which has an epic coastline and an aeroplane crash site on the beach! Visiting an Icelandic spa and swimming pool are highly recommended to!

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  3. Isn’t there a rather (in)famous museum there? Famous for its subject matter…😬😬🤔
    A friend brought me a souvenir bottle opener back from there. It’s a hoot!
    That aside, this is a serious contender for my birthday trip in January…stay tuned!


  4. I personally prefer hot chocolate over cocktail so I guess Iceland is the place for me 😉 My boyfriend’s mom got me chocolates from Iceland and they were sooo good so I’m sure Iceland’s hot chocolates are amazing too haha

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          1. Yes there’s plenty of other things that are amazing in Iceland! Not seeing the northern lights shouldn’t put anyone off! Blue lagoon is mean to be spectacular but go really early or late to avoid the crowds!


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