The Top 5 Epic Destinations On My Bucket List.

Everyone yearns to visit certain destinations more than others. There’s a certain allure that places a destination in your mind and it never leaves. You always have that urge to visit there and dream of the time you will spend exploring the sights. These destinations can be on our minds for years, it’s just down to us to visit them! Here are my top 5, one may raise a few eyebrows!



The city of Seattle, Washington,  is nestled away in the north-west corner of the USA. The stunning city is full of glimmering skyscrapers, including one with a flying saucer on top 😉. The quality that sets Seattle apart from other cities for me, is not its skyscrapers, it’s the surroundings: the city is completely surrounded by turquoise waters, emerald mountains, and lush evergreen forests just begging to be explored. Within the city itself lie thousands of open green spaces making Seattle a haven for lovers of the outdoors and nature. I haven’t visited the city yet, but I know Seattle would easily be a city I could live in.

North Korea


With everything that North Korea is involved in at the moment (the closest thing to nuclear war since the Cold War, in case you’ve been under a rock), you’re perfectly within your rights to question why the country is on my list. The simple answer is that I’m just so curious about it! Now, I know curiosity killed the cat, but It’s literally the most isolated country in the world and it is so unique due to its harsh rulers. Foreigners are only allowed to enter after strict checks. Once in the country, you can only move about while being escorted by guides who watch your every move! So few people have visited the country and we know so little about it that I think it would be the most eye-opening trip that I’d ever been on!

South Africa


I’ve always admired South Africans; I’ve met many in my life and I’ve always liked them a lot. My physics teacher and my favourite swim coach were both South African. Not only are their accents epic, but I always felt a kind of ‘no bullshit’ attitude emanating from them, which I love. Coupled with having great people, the country itself is beautiful as well. Now, I know the country is not without its problems; a lot of houses have to have armed response security due to the risk of armed robbery. But despite these problems, many millions of tourists travel to the country due to its epic scenery and culture. Towering over Cape Town you have the world famous Table Mountain, and within the country’s grasslands lie some of the best safari experiences available in the world. This is the location I would want to do a skydive!



With its bright city lights, ancient traditions, great sushi, and advanced technology, Japan has always intrigued me. Tokyo is the largest city in the world and contains some of the most technologically advanced features in the world. Take The Bullet Train, this travels the length of the country at 200mph. Toilets in hotels will talk to you and put on a water display, the subway is super efficient (but super crowded), the people have amazing manners, and the nightlife is insane – check out the Roppongi district. Outside the bustling cities lie the Japanese countryside that is full of history and culture. Thousands of shrines and temples are dotted throughout the coutry accompanied by its majestic mountains terrain.



Antarctica is the one with the penguins! I so badly want to go on a trip to this continent that I’m looking up cruises now! Whats better than visiting the region of the earth that is the least visited by humans and the most pristine. Here you see mother nature in all her glory; penguins darting in and out of the water, whales chasing their prey, and seals flopping around on icebergs. I mean honestly, what is better?! The main ways to see this continent are by cruise or air. On a cruise, you will likely be on an icebreaker that will navigate through the many icebergs and crash through the sea ice to take you to the action.


There are my top 5 destintions, what about you? Do you have any that may knock some of these off my list?

Michael x

49 thoughts on “The Top 5 Epic Destinations On My Bucket List.

  1. I’m 60% there on your top 5! My only hesitation is Antarctica.
    The other 20%? Seattle!
    But I always say it’s a nice place to visit…even after living there for a decade. If you decide to get there, come visit Portland to the south. I’ll show you around our awesome slice of the PNW and then put you in a train to Seattle for a side trip. 🤓

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  2. Seattle is amazing. I was only there for about 6 hours, as it was just a stop on my way home from Portland, OR. I did get to experience the Space Needle and the Chihuly Glass Museum, as well as check out a couple of street performers that were in the city square. I would have loved to spend more time there, and I hope I get to return some day. Can’t wait to see your blog about it if you go 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find all the good stuff!

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  3. Japan 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Because you get to enjoy both nature and city life! Stop by Osaka&Tokyo for good food and nightlife then go to the hot springs in Okinawa 😍.

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    1. I mean only 4000 westerners go every year and tourism contributes less than 1% of the economy. I feel like education about cultures you don’t know and things you don’t agree with are big parts of travel and can help others understand.

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  4. You’re bat-$#!+ crazy for wanting to visit North Korea. We know plenty about the country. Dirt poor is a good place to start.

    It’s one of those “this vacation is exciting. But only because I don’t know if they’re going to put me in prison or kill me for stealing a propaganda poster” kind of way…. (While we’re on that, just how dim do you have to be?!)

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