Beautiful Brighton – The 6 Best Activities.

Brighton is a quintessentially English seaside resort that lies just over an hour south of London, on the English Channel coast. The Resort is an excellent day trip or weekend break destination and is a quirky place that can cater for all needs. The town contains a great food and drink scene, festivals, markets, cute buildings and streets,  lively nightlife, as well as the famous beach and pier. Brighton lies on England’s south coast so here you will have the best chance of experiencing the sunniest weather the UK has to offer.

The Beach and Brighton Pier

The famous Brighton Pier has an arcade, rides, and food and drinks to offer.  The 2p and 10p slot machines in the arcade are completely addictive and great fun. We spent about an hour in there and only spent £5 because we were using 2p at a time! Once you reach the end of the pier is where you will find all the rides, we took a pass on the roller coasters and went on the Helter Skelter instead. Whilst at the far end fo the pier you have great views looking back at the beachfront. why not have lunch on the pier with great views down the coast whilst the waves swirl below you.

The beach which the pier juts out off is shingle and made of small rocks. However, the beach is still lovely for you to lie on as the rocks mould to your body shape. You can also hire deck chairs or sun loungers and take a dip in the rather cold but refreshing Atlantic! Along the beach front, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy, just make sure a seagull doesn’t steal any of it 😉


This is a recent addition to the promenade and is the world’s tallest movable observation tower. It was designed by the same people who designed the London Eye – it’s so cool I’ve just decided to write a separate post on it! Tickets are around £20-£30 but it’s definitely worth it; you can see for miles from this cool spaceship -like pod that rises up the column from the ground. It also contains a bar for some cool refreshments at cruising altitude! 😎

North Laine

The North Laine of Brighton is a very popular attraction. This small part of town contains a few quirky streets that offer cool markets, tonnes of unique shops and eateries, as well as colourful houses with colourful doors! The whole day can be spent in this area due to the sheer variety of shops, pubs and restaurants!


Royal Pavillion

The Royal Pavilion is smack bang in the middle of Brighton and sticks out like a sore thumb. This Regency era building looks like it’s been picked up from next to the Taj Mahal and plonked in the middle of Brighton, and it partially has. Inspired by Indian architecture, construction was ordered by King George IV in 1787 and by 1823 the king had a Royal seaside retreat.


In modern times you can walk around the grounds of the Royal Pavillion which contain some beautiful grassy areas for you to relax on. Tickets can also be purchased to explore the rooms of the Pavillion, of which many have been reconstructed to look like they would when the king was in residence.  You can also get married there if you chose to do so!

The old Pier.

I’ve always been a fan of derelict and decaying buildings with some history. Brighton has once such structure that has a great history behind it and an eery look to it. The West Pier in Brighton was a pleasure pier built in 1866 and served the town we until it ran into financial difficulty and closed in 1975. After not finding a new buyer the pier gradually fell into disrepair and was destroyed by 2 fires in 2003. It sits right next to the I360 and parts of the pier were demolished to make way for the shiny observation tower.



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      1. Well I think you already mentioned the most important and best ones. One thing that isn’t really place but popular thing is Ghost Walk of the Lanes. I really liked it but it isn’t for everyone. And also Brighton aquarium is cool. 🙂

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