There’s an Awesome Farm in The Middle of London!

I remember going to farms as a youngster; the excitement of seeing all the animals, feeding them, and thinking I could actually talk to them. My favorite were the sheep and goats who nearly took your hand with them when they gobbled up the food you gave them. Now that i’m older I realize, to my disappointment, that I am no Dr Doolittle. However, the memories of visiting farms as a youngster are still very vivid and i’m sure I learnt a thing or to when I visited them!

You might think farms are mainly for the kids, and so did we, but as Connor and I found out, apparently farms are just as much fun in your mid 20’s. We visited the urban oasis and unique site that is Mudchute Park and Farm near Canary Wharf in London.



Nestled in the shadows of the financial center of London lies Mudchute Park and Farm. You can get on the DLR and hop off at either Mudchute or Crossharbour, then take the short walk over the road to one of the many entrances, one of which has quite a nice arched walkway.


Entrance to both the park and farm are free of charge. I don’t really know how they do this, I think they rely on charitable donations and the income from the few shops there. If you come into the same entrance we did then the first animals you will see are the sheep and Llama. It has to be said, they do like their picture being taken. Llamas are just funny animals who look clueless, and the way Raphael the sheep had been sheered left him a cute little afro which he appreciated being stroked…

There’s a variety of animals at Mudchute to keep you entertained and you can feed them all. I’m sure a few kids over the years have lost fingers to sheep and goats gobbling down the pellets offered to them! Goats are particularly ballsy and will grab at anything they think is food! Unfortunately they don’t have any baby goats jumping around everywhere like you’ve seen on Facebook recently!




There’s also a few shops near the stables that serve food and drinks. The small fish shop provide good fried shrimp and squid which is advertised as £3 but costs £4.50 so watch out for that. The other main cafe is open on every day apart from a Monday (we went on a Monday lol) so there’s opportunities for a relaxing meal! There’s also a couple of sweet stalls for you to get tooth decay at 🙂


Slightly to the south of the farm there’s a few little nature trails that look really nice and something you wouldn’t expect to find right next to the financial district! Further on there’s lots of football pitches, seems like Mudchute is a decent place to live for greenery!

All in all Mudchute Farm and Park is a great day out for all ages. I saw families there, couples there, and two strange guys in thee mid 20’s stroking a sheeps afro…

8 thoughts on “There’s an Awesome Farm in The Middle of London!

  1. This looks like a good way to spend an afternoon. I’m currently in Canary Wharf and thinking about taking my two year old for a visit. Definitely a little scare to let her feed any of the animals though!

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      1. We actually went today. To be honest, the first time I read this post I had it confused with Surrey Docks City Farm, not realizing this was a completely different place. We just went to this one though since I thought it’d be closer to us. I just wrote a post on it and tagged your post – hope that’s ok! Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

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  2. Looks like fun! I hate it that so many activities are considered “just for kids”! I’m a kid at heart, and I enjoy a lot of those things more now (and can appreciate it more!) than I did then. Looks like a fun place, and beautiful at that!

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