The Best Sushi Restaurant in South London Looks like A Dump.

Sushi has seen its popularity sore recently with boutique restaurants opening up all over London. One of the main reasons for this surge is claims that it’s a great food for your health, as well as tonnes of celebrities eating it. In all honesty its actually pretty calorific and high in sugar due to the way the sushi rice is made, Sashimi Sushi is actually the healthiest as there’s no rice! However, i’m not attracted to the food for the health benefits, the main reason for my love of Sushi is the fact that it just tastes bloody good.

Zaibatsu Sushi Restaurant in Greenwich, London is a hidden gem that dishes up excellent sushi at a fraction of the cost you would normally expect.

Situated on Trafalgar Road the establishment won’t receive any awards for modern looks, but that’s all part of the charm. The outside is pretty drab – but this only adds to its hidden gem allure – you wouldn’t expect anything decent to be beyond the old and faded signage.


Step inside and you will see that the small restaurant has just enough room for one row of chairs and tables on either side. You will be greeted as soon as you enter and will shown to your seats. As it’s so small its best to book in advance most of the time or they might be full! The seats are cheap plastic ones and the tables are a mix match of colors. If you want to drink alcohol Zaibatsu don’t actually serve it as they don’t have a licence (A reason their food is so cheap), but they’re happy for you to bring your own and they’ll even uncork it!


The menu provides a huge selection of Japanese food; you have standard rolls, Katsu curries, tempura, and sizzling dishes! If you haven’t used chopsticks before, or are still learning, the back of the menu provides pretty clear instructions on how to hold chopsticks and look like a boss using them to eat.


Now here comes what you want the most – the food! From where you’re sitting you can see the fridge where they store the fish and take it out for your order. You can order platters at Zaibatsu that are are very generous and good value for money. The one below was the classic platter which was £14 and filled you up quickly!


On another visit I had 4 Salmon Nigiri (£5) as well as a huge Chicken Katsu Curry (£6.50) which I could hardly finish. People are amazed at how much I eat sometimes and these two plates very nearly defeated me but tasted great! The Katsu Curry was very filling; within the curry there are potatoes in addition to the rice you already have, and the chicken is a very decent size. The restaurant take great care in decorating each dish with a variety of vegetables, leaves, and cones.

My absolute favorite dish (out of the ones I’ve tried) is the Sizzling Salmon Teryaki (£8.50). The plate comes out steaming hot to your table and the serving of salmon is always generous and slightly crispy on the outside! The vegetables taste great as well as the rice.


There are plenty of other dishes on the menu and you’ll struggle to decide what to have. After you’ve eaten you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the total price of the meal. You’ll probably also leave realizing not all hidden gems appear shiny at first 😉

28 thoughts on “The Best Sushi Restaurant in South London Looks like A Dump.

  1. You are way too harsh to use the word ‘dump’. To be honest it doesn’t look like a dump- its just functional with the owners choosing to spend their resources on making good food, not flash interior to mask lousy food.

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  2. Great post! Some of the best restaurants I’ve been in have been holes in the wall. Do you ever do reviews on TripAdvisor? Restaurants and hotels really appreciate the exposure, especially when you include photos. You can check out my reviews under CornfedContessa. It’s a great resource when traveling.

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      1. Honestly, you could use your post for the review. I’ve been writing reviews for the past six months, and my reviews have been viewed 34,000 times all over the world. I review hotels, restaurants, activities, you name it.

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  3. Oh Yumm…. This Chicken Katsu Curry (is it just me and my French roots, or is it a tongue twister as well as a meal?!?) just gave me an extra reason to visit London someday 🙂 And I agree, these hidden gems are the best place to eat… They focus on the food, instead of the paint on the walls, and isn’t that what all restaurants should be doing? We also have one of those here in Montréal (well, probably several, but this is my favorite), Bombay Choupati, a little Indian restaurant in a small mall. De-li-cious food! I leave the Trip Advisor link, for your readers, just in case…

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