Pink Jeep Tour, Sedona, Arizona – We Broke the Jeep!

I feel like these things always happen to me.

You’ll hear about how the jeep broke down further on in this post, but it was actually a blessing in disguise!

A Pink Jeep Tour is one of the ‘must do’ activities when you visit Sedona. Whenever you’re in the town you’ll see pink jeeps whisking people onto their next little adventure. Our tour was 1.5 hours and was the cheapest at around $60 per person. Others can go on for up to 4 hours and reach $100+.

The company HQ is in a busy part of town so leave with plenty of time to get there. We checked in at reception and shortly after were called up by our driver Brent to hop in and start the tour. The Jeeps are modified to fit 6 passengers in, so if you’re in a pair it’s likely you’ll be put with another pair or a group of 3 – I rarely saw any with 6 in. Annie and I were with a group of 3 20 something-year-old women from Chicago who I think were on a hen do.

Be warned, its policy that one passenger has to sit up front with the driver. Because I was a very British gentleman and let everyone else on first, this ended up being me. I obviously wanted to sit next to Annie and thankfully one of the girls offered to swap with me – bear this rule in mind when you get on 🙂

At the start of the tour, you travel along on the towns tarmac roads for about 5 minutes. Here you get to know your driver and it turned out Brent was a part time masseuse. After the tarmac roads, you hit the dirt track which is bumpy as hell. The transition off the tarmac hits you hard, it’s jolty and bumpy and it doesn’t become any more forgiving. You have to wear seat belts otherwise you’ll probably fly up and hit your head!

You can see how rough the road ahead is!

From the start Brent was awesome and supplied us with fun facts that even Arizonian Annie didn’t know about. We learnt the origin of the Name Sedona (a lady literally made it up, called her daughter it and Sedona was named after her), the origin of the state of Arizona’s name, which I forgot :(, and why certain rocks have big black streaks running down them.

The black streaks are from bacteria growing where flood water runs off.

Brent was also pointing out all the different shaped rocks we could see, one looked like a battleship, another looked like an American Indians face, and another looked like a stagecoach.

The rock that resembled a stagecoach had a large slab missing from the front that you can see in the picture below. You could clearly see there was recently rock there and Brent informed us that it was the site of a massive rock fall in 2009. The slab that fell was bigger than a school bus, now that would have given you a headache!

The site of the rockfall is clearly visible under the Stagecoach Rock.

We climbed higher and higher up through the wilderness and the landscape began to open up in front of us.


We continued up the road to a vantage point overlooking the region. This was the highest point this particular tour goes but you can book other tours that carry on up the road further and last up to 3 hours. We spent a while taking lots of pictures up here before we started to head back down the boulder filled road.



On the way back down we were all chatting to Brent when suddenly there was an almighty thud underneath the jeep! We stopped and Brent got out to have a look but couldn’t find anything. A few minutes more driving and chatting, then BANG! If there wasn’t something broke before, then there sure was now. Brent got out to have a look again.

“Oh yehhh, that’s us done for”

We hopped out to have a look at what had happened and it turned out one of the suspension coils had completely snapped and was now digging into a shock absorber.

That circular coil is meant to be vertical, not horizontal lol.

Brent radioed HQ to ask for another jeep and a couple of mechanics to look at the jeep we were currently in. Apparently, they have a dedicated mechanic team as Jeeps regularly need fixing due to the unforgiving road! Whilst we were waiting for or pick up other jeeps were passing and all were making funny comments about our situation. Annie and I really liked the fact we broke down: it gave us more time in this great area and more time to take pictures and ask questions!

Other jeeps going off into the distance…

After around 20 minutes a jeep came to pick us up and we headed back to base to be dropped off.

Pink Jeep Tours are definitely worth it and another must do in addition to Devils Bridge when in Sedona. Let’s hope you break down and get more time out in the wilderness like we did 😉

Michael x

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25 thoughts on “Pink Jeep Tour, Sedona, Arizona – We Broke the Jeep!

  1. I went to Sedona about 10 years ago and my husband I just drove around on our own (didn’t do the tour). The funny thing was people there tell you the pink jeeps go where others can not, but my husband and I kept seeing the pink jeeps all day, at different stops we would take. Apparently you really can go on your own.

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