Devils Bridge, Sedona, Arizona.

Want a short and relatively easy hike with epic scenic rewards that are rare to find anywhere else?

Of course you do, and Devils Bridge in Sedona is just the trick!

As one of the main attractions in the area, Devils Bridge has built a reputation as one of the best scenic spots that come with some great photo opportunities. The Bridge is a red rock arch that has been eroded over millions of years by wind and weather.

The bridge looks like its going to collapse at any second due to all the cracks. However, I’ve been told it’ll be there for a few thousand years to come. Lets hope they’re right!

Me jumping probably created a few more cracks, sorry…

There are 3 different starting points that you can take. All 3 are different but all lead to the Devils Bridge Trail parking lot where all 3 join and have the same final mile up to the bridge. There are signs all along these trails directing you to Devils Bridge.

  • 7 mile round trip. Drive up Vultee Arch which is just off Dry Creek Road and park at Dry Creek Vista. Then start your walk at the Chuck Wagon Trail and follow signs to Devils Bridge.
  • 5 mile round trip. Drive along Dry Creek Road then at the junction turn right onto Long Canyon Road and park at the Mescal Trail Head. Follow the Mescal Trail onto the Chuck Wagon Trail which will take you to Devils Bridge.
  • 2 mile round trip. The same way as the 7 mile trip but this time instead of parking at Dry Creek Vista you continue and drive all the way up the very bumpy and unforgiving Vultee Arch. This takes you to the Devils Bridge Trail parking lot and you walk the remaining 1 mile to the bridge. You can only take this road if you have a 4×4 with good ground clearance!

Even though Annie’s Jeep probably would have been fine on the dirt road that is Vultee Arch, the car is pretty old and we didn’t want to risk the extra stress so we decided to take the 5 mile round trip option and parked at the Mescal Trail Head. It’s also 2 miles less ;). We arrived there at around 8am and there were only 3 other cars there.


The beginning of the trail can be pretty confusing and leave you wondering if you’re going the right way. There’s lots of different paths winding through the landscape but they all eventually merge into one. After you cross a little river you know you’re going in the right direction thanks to the signs!


As you continue, the majority of the hike is pretty flat with great views of the red rocks in the distance.


The path takes you a long what appears to be a small river bed which is full of all the different layers of rocks which is really cool to see a profile of.


Because we arrived so early (8am) we didn’t really start to see people until the latter part of the hike when all the 3 hikes merged at the Devils Bridge parking lot. At the parking lot there’s a sign informing you that this is a ‘no drone zone’. It made me feel better about losing my drone in California knowing that I couldn’t have used it here 🙂


The last 10-15 minutes of the hike is pretty steep as you make your way up to the bridge.


The steep hike is well worth it though as you reach Devils Bridge which has vast views across the Sedona landscape.



The bridge is actually a bit wider than it looks. You enter it from the right of the pictures and people go on one at a time or one group at a time to allow people to have pictures of just themselves. We arrived at the bridge at around 9am and other than us there was one family there. When we started to leave around 20mins later there were a lot more people arriving and a line had formed – so get up out of bed early you lazy bum!


After the hike we returned to where we parked at 8am before the hike where there were originally 4 cars. When we returned around 10am there were so many cars that there wasn’t enough space in the parking lot so they had to park along the road. On the drive back we noticed this at the other hike trail heads so go early! Around 7-8am! Or even for sunrise if youre that crazy 😉

If you’re in Sedona, Devils Bridge is a must!

Michael x

9 thoughts on “Devils Bridge, Sedona, Arizona.

  1. I was wondering how on Earth you got those cool pictures! It’s pretty neat that they have that offered. Who doesn’t want a sweet picture of themselves on the bridge?! Looks beautiful, thanks for sharing. You keep making my bucket list grow longer and longer!

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