Come And Hop Across The Pond With Me! The USA is Calling!

I’ve really fallen in love with the USA over the last couple of years.

Spending two summers working at a summer camp in Maine and subsequently meeting my girlfriend there have made it a home from home and given the country a special place in my heart.

I now hop across the pond whenever I can to see Annie, and today I am lucky enough to be doing just that!


We’re spending 10 days together, and while of a lot of the time is going to be chilling out, there is also a few things we’ll do that i’ll put up on here. This includes spending 2 nights in Sedona; an area full of red rock formations, great hikes, deep canyons, and tall forests – its an explorers gem :). As well as this there will probably be a few posts on one of the most essential things in life – good food, which Arizona has plenty of!

Stay tuned for the posts when I’m back – there will be a couple of posts on other topics from around the world while I’m out there.

Michael x

6 thoughts on “Come And Hop Across The Pond With Me! The USA is Calling!

  1. LOVE Sedona! I was there for the first time earlier this month. I”m posting about it on Wednesday or Thursday. Today I posted about Prescott, AZ. Were you able to pass through that cool town?

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  2. Welcome to Arizona! This is the perfect time to be here, the cool temperatures and blooms beckon. Sedona is one of my favorite places and has appeared on my blog at least once. Enjoy your time with Annie! Cheers!

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      1. Yes, London is usually at least 20 to 40 degrees (F) cooler. 🙂 If you make it to Phoenix, I’ll take you (and your girlfriend) to coffee and give you some tips for the rest of the state. Safe travels!


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