The Crazy Reykjavik Street Art Scene.

Ok, I’m going to be honest with you…

Reykjavik is a dull and boring city.

The nightlife is about the only thing going for it, if you can afford £10 per drink…

One thing that does brighten up the days though is the art scene.

If you walk through the city you will find many buildings covered in some of the most impressive murals I’ve ever some across.


Pretty much every street you walk along through downtown Reykjavik will have some form of graffiti visible. Sometimes the mundane and ordinary graffiti is right next to some crazy murals that can captivate you for quite a while!


Some of them are just made from the simplest ideas, like this pigeon.


While others murals in Reykjavik delve into the psychological side of things…


This one below was my favourite though; the quality of the street art is top notch and is contrasted against the rubbish and dirty land in front of it.


And then why not just brighten up a building with some colourful street art….

If you ever do find yourself with time to kill in Reykjavik then check out the art scene. There’s murals around pretty much every corner in the downtown area 🙂

Michael x

20 thoughts on “The Crazy Reykjavik Street Art Scene.

  1. We loved the street art in Reykjavík too. We actually liked the city and found it walkable with lots of fun nooks and crannies (like the Whales of Iceland museum and way too many tasty restaurants to count). Food was crazy expensive all over Iceland though.

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      1. Within the next couple of days, I hope to share some I’ve taken locally. I’m not good at getting them from original to the comp, so it may take a day or two with a little help from my friends. snickers loudly. but I shall prevail!

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