How To Stay In Shape & Healthy Whilst Travelling.

We all know that the travelling lifestyle can take its tole on your body. Whether you’re away for 2 weeks or 2 years you can quickly see yourself lose whatever you had. I’ve met plenty of people who were toned/ripped at the beginning of their travels but let ‘themselves go’.

But fear not my young padawan, for there is another way!

You can travel for an extended period of time and stay in relativity decent shape, here’s how to do it…

Hydrate or die – Drinking water and staying hydrated combined with some exercise and healthy food actually helps you to burn fat quicker and keep it off! So when travelling around make sure you always have a reusable water bottle with you. Staying hydrated also keeps you more alert and you will feel better generally.


Spirits not beers We all now alcohol takes its toll on the body in more ways than one. Don’t worry though, you can still drink! Just swap a couple of beers out for some shots which are less calorific and have less carbs but will get you to that ‘special place a bit quicker’ – if that’s what you’re going for of course. 

Walk places – Who knew walking was good for you? Turns out it is; it helps you lose weight, tones up your legs and booty, reduces the risk of certain diseases and helps prevent the onset of dementia! So when you’re in your destination make sure you walk places you need to go to. Many hotels/hostels/cities put on countless walking tours that range in duration; these enable you to see your lovely destination and keep the old body healthy. 


Rent a bike – Most large cities and some smaller ones have bike rental schemes. These are a great way to see your destination whilst also getting a bit of exercise in. Being on a bike you’ll be able to go to places that may be out of reach by walking and you’ll be able to get to places pretty quickly! There are also guided bike tours which will show you your destinations best bits!

Adventure Activities – Wherever you go in the world there are adventure activities available. These can range from hikes into the wilderness to rock climbing to canyoning. These are all great fun and provide you with a decent amount of exercise. Having fun and exercising? It’s more than possible 😉


Cook your own food Many hostels have kitchens which are there for you to use. If you know some healthy recipes great, if not look a couple up, then buy the food from a store – which is way cheaper than eating out. You’ll cook some healthy food, save money an most likely meet people as many travelers use the kitchens!

Healthy snacks – Take some healthy snacks when you go exploring – fruit, nuts and healthy bars are all great to keep you full with all the right stuff in between meals 🙂

Use the facilities on offer – A lot of hotels out there either have pools or gyms – they’re there for you to use so why not use them. If you have a day where not much is planned, have a little gym session or swim a few laps in the pool. You’ll feel fresh after and ready for the rest of the day!

But remember to enjoy yourself – Now all of the items mentioned above are achievable, realistic and can fit into your travels if you want them to. However, don’t forget travelling is there to enjoy yourself – if you find yourself missing out or not enjoying it by trying to stay healthy, dile it back a little. Pick a couple of these examples to focus on and they’ll be relatively easy to fit into your travelling!

20 thoughts on “How To Stay In Shape & Healthy Whilst Travelling.

  1. Great post! I especially love the idea of cooking your own food. My husband and I just returned from our honeymoon to Cancun and chose to cook 2 out of 3 meals in our condo each day. It helps save a ton of extra calories and unwanted grease, fats, etc!

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  2. A lot of those things can actually be very well incorporated into a trip. Especially the hiking and whatnot. I almost think travel is better for me, because in a lot of cases I don’t have access to a car, which forces me to do more walking. Normally at home I would just hop in the car and go down the street, but when I’m away, I have to find a different way. Hydration is one of the most important things, especially if you are going somewhere warm. When I visited Portland, Oregon, I was kind of chuckling at all of the people carrying around gallon jugs of water. After spending a week there, I totally understood it. I did a 4 mile hike and thought I’d be fine with one bottle of water. What a silly mistake! I was so dry by the end of the hike I could have drank an entire lake! I suppose I’ll know better the next time lol!

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  3. I agree that hydration, walking, biking and adventurous travel are the best ways! I hear a lot of people say that they gain weight on trips, but I’m the opposite! I think I always come home at least a few pounds lighter. Great post – loads of people will benefit from these simple solutions. Cheers!

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  4. Good advices. I always gain or lose weight. It depends but going for offer at the gym etc is a good idea. Because I do follow all your advices but I still have a beer pack! Damn it!

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  5. Even though I do walk a lot and cook my own food, I still have the feeling that I “let myself go” while traveling. Perhaps it’s because the accommodations which I stay in do not offer the “hard-core” gym options like weights or bikes, so otherwise I feel slovenly once I return home and whip myself back into shape. Looking good, by the way!

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