Vlog: The Journey To Her.

Ok, so I may have made these videos in the wrong order.

This video documents my Journey to America to visit my girlfriend Annie.


The previous two vlogs posted documented some of the fun stuff we got up to!

Please let me know if this video displays ok on here!

I hope you enjoy this you beautiful bunch x

10 thoughts on “Vlog: The Journey To Her.

  1. Really enjoyed this! Just went to the US in December / January as well to go see my boyfriend so I can definitely relate… especially the “are you real” moment – but thankfully that always fades quite quickly πŸ™‚ (also made it to one of the three flights just in time… so nerve-racking!)

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  2. This reminds me so much of when I’d fly from Heathrow to Los Angeles to see my boyfriend! I used to get standby seats with British Airways and there were so many times I made the flight by the skin of my teeth ha! I know the feeling of ‘are you real?’ hahaha. He’s now studying in London so luckily only a train journey away. Aw I relate to this so much! Love it

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