Vlog: The Phoenix Festival of Lights.

If I could have used Kanye’s ‘Flashing Lights’ in this video I would have.

But due to this thing called copyright i couldn’t 😦

Annie and I took a trip to The Festival of Lights which tours around the world and happened to be in Phoenix, Arizona whilst we were there – result!

The festival displays huge light formations on structures that recreate icons from around the world such as The Leaning Tower of Pizza, Tower Bridge and the Eiffel Tower. There are also themed sections such a Dinotopia – which has a lot of dinosaurs if you didn’t guess.

There is also a performance area with acrobatics as well as a theme park section which has a few rides and plenty of things to spend your money on.

Tickets were $25 and you have to pay about $5 for each ride, It can add up but if you’re selective with rides it wont cost too much!

We had a load of fun.

Hope you enjoy the video and feel sorry or us in that metal cage…


12 thoughts on “Vlog: The Phoenix Festival of Lights.

  1. That looks amazing…didn’t know festival of lights was a thing…added to my bucket list! Those swings and the cagey roller coaster thing looked terrifying, but I’m glad I got to experience you guys doing it! looks like you had a blast! I see you’re wearing coats, how cold was it? I always thought it stayed pretty warm in AZ!

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