Camp America Round 2.

I’m a liar.

I explicitly remember writing on here 7 months ago that I definitely wouldn’t be heading back to camp straight after my first season.

I said I would like to return in a few years but not the next season.

Now I sit here writing this post with one week left until I return to camp for my second season.

What made you change your mind Michael?

Well, a series of unlikely events unfolded that filled me with nostalgia and the perks of being a returner both convinced me to return.

The Series Of Events. 

It all started back in January when my camp were heading to London for a recruitment fair. Rhys from the UK, who was a kayaking counsellor, usually helps out at this event but was pretty sick, so I was asked to help out instead. I was there all day surrounded by hundreds of other camps and thousands of wannabe counsellors. Talking about camp to these people brought back so many memories and reminded me how great it was. Coincidentally, at around the same time the head of swimming role became available. After weighing up my options and the seeing the benefits I decided to return to camp!

Why I’m Returning.

1. Different position.

Being invited back as a returner shows that your camp don’t think your a complete idiot and may entrust you with some more responsibilities your second time around. In my first year I was a swimming instructor and lifeguard on the waterfront which was sawweeeet. This year I’m going to be head of the swimming department as well as a lifeguard. This new position is going to throw up challenges and responsibilities that I haven’t encountered before which will test me as well as help me grow as a person (cheesy I know, but it will). I’m really looking forward to this new position and I think I will thrive off the challenges.

2. You get paid way more as a returner.

I’m literally being paid triple what I was paid last year. This is due to the fact that the camp you work for don’t have to pay any agency fees so this all goes into your pocket! A bit of it is also due to the position of head of department. You have to pay for your own flights but you can find some right good deals if you rummage around – I bagged return flights from London to Boston for £340.

3. Its fun.

This is actually my number one reason. Its just such a great experience. Yes the days are long but you do so much fun and crazy stuff that you don’t care. The kids are awesome. The staff are awesome. Camp is awesome.


What I’m Expecting.

It’s not going to be the same

Everyone I have spoken to who has been a returner has told me their second experience was completely different to their first one. In most cases it was still a great time but for different reasons. I am going to try my best not to compare it to my first experience and treat it as something completely different.


This year I’m going to be a returner and the head of a department so I’m going to have a fair amount of responsibility. I’ll be helping fist timers figure out camp as there is so much to take on board. Being head of department is also going to have responsibilities attached to it such as delegation and making good decisions.

So hopefully that explains a bit about why I’m going back to camp. While I’m at camp I don’t think I’m going to blog about it too much. I’m going to stick to what I’ve been doing recently – writing about hostels, destinations and solo travel which I love. I’m still going to try and chuck out one or two posts a week!

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