Atlanta would be the last stop on my 3 week long journey down the east coast of the USA and also my last destination with my travel bros Kyle and Marc. I had planned on making it down to Miami in Florida but to be honest I had a pretty good time in the last couple of weeks and my bank account had suffered for it! I could still afford to go to Miami but I would constantly be worrying about spending too much money and I think if you go to Miami that’s not the way you want to do it! Alas, there will hopefully be another time I’m in the states and I will be sure to travel Florida and much more the proper way!

We were travelling to Atlanta to visit another good friend from camp, Kailey. We were visiting her at her university (college for ya’ll American folk) which was just outside the main city. Before we even got to Atlanta we probably made one of the worst decisions of our entire journey. In order to get to Atlanta at a reasonable time for Kailey to pick us up we had to book with another bus company other than the trusty old Megabus! We decided to book with the company Greyhound and were optimistic of a good journey. Our optimism couldn’t have been more misplaced. From the customer service at the bus station to the 50 year old bus we were on to the crappy seats with no leg room, it was shocking! Unfortunately I didn’t have another bus journey in the states as I was flying to back to New York from Atlanta to fly home. Forgive me Megabus for betraying you; I’ll never be so silly again 🙂

Kailey met us at the bus station and was instantly pissed because we were apparently dropped off in ‘the hood’ where bad stuff happens. To add insult to injury when we got to her car it had a clamp on it! Thee a big guy dressed in all black with shades and a snap back who came over and explained that Kailey hadn’t bought a ticket and it was $70 to take it off.  I was well suspicious of this dude. Not only did he look like a drug dealer but private clamping in the UK is illegal so I was thinking ‘he’s a blasted criminal!’ turns out he wasn’t and it was all legit and $70 late we were on our way to Kailey’s university.

After a very nerve wracking ride where my hands got pretty sweaty (Atlanta divers are insane and have a death wish) we arrived a Kailey’s Uni.  We chilled there for a bit then hit the local arcade in the evening! The deal of the night was Laser tag, arcade credits and 2 hours bowling for $12! We were meant to get 20 credits each but we ended up with 50. So lots numerous toys were won and hundreds of zombies killed!

Zombie Slayers in Action.
Zombie Slayers in Action.

The next day Kyle and Marc left for Nashville. This meant I was to saying goodbye to them for the final time. We dropped them off at the bus station in Atlanta and a couple of man hugs later they were off. I was staying one more night and the next day Kailey and I went to my 3rd baseball game of the summer. To be honest baseball is the most boring sport I’ve ever watched. It’s even worse than cricket; at least in cricket they hit the ball more than a dozen times in the space of 3 hours.

So exciting it sold out.
So exciting it sold out.

To be fair the first baseball game I went to was pretty fun. That was a minor league baseball game that the whole of the camp staff went to. It was a lot more personal; the players could hear what you were shouting at them and the atmosphere was just more fun. Plus it was free!

After the baseball game it was time for me to leave at Atlanta and catch a flight to New York. There I would stay one night in a hostel then catch my flight from JFK the next day to return to London! I said my goodbyes to Kailey when she dropped me of at the airport knowing she was the last person from camp I would see this summer! I had a few hours to my flight so once checked in I hit up the main lounge area, pulled up a chair, tied my bags to myself then caught a well needed nap.

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