Winter Is Coming.

The end of family camp and week in the woods at Arcadia signaled the coming of the end of our time at Arcadia. Once the final campers had left from Week in The Woods we had two days where we set down the camp as winter was coming. Maine winters are harsh with frozen lakes you can skate on, snow drifts up to 10ft and freezing temperatures. as a result everything has to be put into storage.

winter is coming

This was actually a great couple of days; the work we were doing was hard but everyone was in high spirits because we knew that camp was coming to an end and travelling was coming soon. The staff was split into two teams and I was in the waterfront team. Our responsibilities were mainly setting down the waterfront and taking all the sailboats, row boats, canoes and kayaks onto land, cleaning them and then putting them into storage. Myself and Becca, a trips counsellor, literally swam from the docks to the beach with sailing boats and row boats behind us in order to get them onto land. Once on land they were moved by tractor further up the hill in order to be cleaned. We were given a hose, sponges and water buckets and whilst the cleaning was completed to an extremely high standard there were numerous water fights in the hot Maine summer day. Whilst we were cleaning the boats the tractor that was lifting canoes further up the hill drove past with Kyle and Kevin sitting inside them. Of course as we had a hose they were soaked. However, Steve the tractor driver lifted the canoes higher in the air to help them get out the spray zone but the canoes wobbled so much that they nearly fell off the tractor. This caused the funniest faces of panic on Kevin’s and Kyles faces that I’ve seen in ages.

Whilst some canoes were going up the hill, the other ‘red canoes’ were to stay down the hill to be stored in the point cabin which is near the beach. As well as the canoes we also had to store the stands on which they stood during the summer in the cabins. This involved rearranging the beds already there to make as much room as possible. Getting the canoes in the cabin was not an issue as you just had to lift them up the cabin steps and just pivot a few times. However the canoe stands were the issue. Four long pieces of wood in the shape of a square with a leg on each corner proved impossible to get into the cabin for about 30 minutes. We then questioned whether they were actually meant to go in this cabin at all. We tried another entrance to the same cabin that didn’t work and then returned to the original entrance where we sat down and had a think about our strategy. We eventually figured out a chain of movements that would somehow magically allow the stand to go into the cabin. It was so complicated that we got another counsellor to record it on their phone in order for future staff to see how it is done so they don’t waste time banging the stands against the cabin door frames.


Once everything was packed away after a solid two days work, camp was set down for the winter and we were preparing to leave camp the next day.

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