The Final Goodbye.

So the day arrived where the majority of staff including myself was to leave camp. Some people were going straight home whilst others like Kyle, Marc and I were to start travelling around the USA before returning home.  In the morning a final checkout was completed to make sure our accommodation was in good condition. I also took the opportunity to write mine and Kyle’s names into history by writing our names, year and ‘Whif Whaf Champions’ onto one of the beams in our room.


After this we said goodbye to everyone that we could find and the 3 of us guys headed with Becca who would be our driver to a van to start our big American adventure. We were on our way to collect a rental car that I had booked for a week and were going to drive to the White Mountains in New Hampshire in order to summit Mount Washington. We were then going to find accommodation near the mountain overnight and head to Boston the next day.

Now that camp is over and I can basically do what I want with my time and I’m going to experiment a bit with Vlogging. I’ve been following a couple of Vloggers on YouTube, namely FunForLouis and CaseyNeistat who I’ve really grown to like. I’ve always liked videoing things so I thought I’d give it a go out here whilst I have time to record and edit footage. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to put one out every day or every couple of days but I have 3 weeks travelling and I’m going to aim for a minimum of 10 videos documenting individual days which I think is more than possible. Countdown to VLOG #1 commencing….

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