The Good Life.

The arrival of family camp and week in the woods signalled a change in the lifestyle of counsellors. Our day to day lives were more relaxed and we had more free time to join in activities that we had an interest in.

I took the opportunity to join the daily swim to the villa when I could. This was a half mile swim to a beach that was on camp property then you had the option to swim the half mile back as well. The swim left at 10am every morning and during the two camps it depended on my lesson schedule whether or not I could go but I managed to join 3 of the swims. The swim was pretty cool as it was in clear water the whole way and you swam over fallen trees and could see the bottom pretty much all the time. One of the parents who swam to the villa was a ping pong coach and he joined the non-lodgers in a game one day. We’d been playing pretty much every day all summer and he taught us a few new skills including the Chinese style pencil hold which is going to take some getting used to as it is so different to the normal hold style!

The food aspect of our lives at camp also improved dramatically. As there were now families living in camp who were paying very good money to be there, the food had to better than it was when the girls were here which was pretty questionable sometimes. We now had salmon and steak on regular occasions as well as a lot of fajitas! There was also happy hour every day on the porch before dinner which was a treat as we had prawns cooked in front of us by the kitchen staff which was so tasty.

Around half the staff had left after the reunion and it was mainly international staff left at camp along with a couple of Americans. Among the people who left after the reunion were three of the people myself and Kyle hung around most with; Sasha, Katie and Kayleigh. As a result we found new people to talk to which was pretty interesting as there were people you hadn’t really talked to all summer. You find out these people are really cool and you wonder why you didn’t talk to them all summer but it was all situational as you were probably never in the same areas until the final two camps.

As our lifestyle changed I’d say I started to feel myself more. We were all getting more sleep so it seemed that I wasn’t constantly a zombie walking around camp anymore. That along with the improved food, the chance to engage in your chosen activities as well as talk to people you hadn’t much before made the last two week of working at camp and enjoyable and interesting time. I for one was chirpier and a lot more energetic which was a nice change.

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