The Reunion.

After the counsellor party there was a day off in which to recover and chill out by the beach. The day was pretty strange; after 7 weeks of having hundreds of girls with all their energy and excitement at camp there was now just us staff members left and the camp felt pretty dead. However this ‘dead’ period was not to last long. The next day preparations started for the 100th season reunion that would take place over the coming weekend.

Past camper and counsellors from all over the world including Australia and the UK were to attend. In total around 450 people would be at camp for the reunion with about 200 people staying in the cabins where the campers had previously been. This meant that for us non lodgers this involved a lot of moving beds from cabins as different amounts of people were staying in each cabin.

At the Reunion counsellors were allowed to drink as long as we were not on duty or in uniform. To be honest it felt pretty weird; all summer we’d been sneaking beverages into our cabins so it was nice to be able to drink and not worry about any consequences even if you felt a bit on edge when you saw an admin. The reunion was a lot more relaxed than the previous weeks. The people who came for the reunion basically stayed at the camp for two nights and ate, drank and engaged in the activities that were available such as canoeing or swimming. I had lifeguard duty as well as some clean up tasks but no teaching and more time off than when the kids were here. The food at the reunion was really good with lobster and steak on the menu. The camp also had a company come in and provide plates, cutlery and napkins that is all compostable. It’s called Garbage to Garden and when we were done with our meals we threw it all into to these green bins and then the company came along and took the bins and made compost out of them. It was pretty sweet and really good for the environment – my inner geographer coming out there!

The reunion was also where we started to say goodbye to counsellors who were going home. The First day of the reunion we said goodbye to Sasha who was one of my best friends at camp and my fellow swim coach. When she left I wasn’t that sad because we’re going to visit her in North Carolina when we travel through the USA when camp is done. People were also leaving on the last day of the reunion and as we were busy lifeguarding or doing other jobs we didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone which annoying but we managed to say goodbye to Katie who Myself, Sasha and Kyle hung around with most of the summer! However were also visiting Katie when we travel so again I wasn’t too sad to say goodbye.

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