Swim Meet Madness.

So I haven’t been writing in this as much as I’d like recently! However, from now on I’m making an effort to write little things down and when I have time, elaborate on them and create a blog post.

One such thing I’ve been taking notes on is my role in the swim department and particularly the role I have in the swim team and organising swim meets here at camp. Throughout the summer there are 3 swim meets where Arcadia races other summer camps. The second of these meets and arguably the highlight of the swim meet calendar was the Pinecliffe swim meet. I was out on the dock preparing our swimmers getting them ready to race and provide encouragement, the camp were also short on swim touch judges so I also had to decide who beat who in the two lanes I was assigned. This meet was during the second session of camp where a group of talented swimmers had joined camp and strengthened our already very good swim team. We had multiple club swimmers in our squad now which included national swimmers and a national champion. They looked strong in the swim team practices in the previous week, but they outperformed themselves at Pinecliffe. Racing 5 other teams, we won the first race and from then on the swimmers didn’t look back and swam out of their skin. All in all we won 20 out of 23 races and won the meet with 233 points whilst the camp that came 2nd achieved 84 points. It was an especially sweet victory as my co coach Sasha had taken the team the previous year and had come second by one point! We arrived back at camp just after lunch and we announced the results in front of all the camp and the swimmers were recognised for a great days work!

In the afternoon of the Pinecliffe swim meet was the camper vs counsellor swim meet at Arcadia. I had been organising this for a few days and when we returned from Pinecliffe I printed off the heat sheets and headed down to our dock to prepare for the evening. I felt some pressure as this was a pretty hyped up event with announcements made previously and a large sign up rate and I wanted it to run smoothly and everyone to have fun. However despite any apprehensions, the meet was extremely successful and fun. There were multiple events including individual and relay events, each heat had campers and counsellors pitted against each other. Around 30 spectators gathered on the beach to watch and a large proportion of the camp was at the waterfront either spectating or competing which led to a great atmosphere. I competed in the freestyle and noodle relay at the end of the meet in which two big teams, one from the campers and one of counsellors went head to head. For this people came up onto the dock to watch which provided a great atmosphere that you could still here while swimming as people were basically next to you shouting. We counsellors won the freestyle relay by a couple of seconds, however we lost the noodle relay by 0.03 seconds even though I’m sure we touched first! Overall the campers won which they enjoyed hearing when I made an announcement at dinner the next day!

Arcadia's Swimming Dock
Arcadia’s Swimming Dock

Being a coach on the swim team is one of the things I enjoy most at camp. It lets me experience the role of a coach as I was the swimmer for 10 years previously and it’s just as fun! It’s great to have the team spirit going at camp and see the girls enjoy their swimming! Although organising swim meets can be a bit stressful its really enjoyable once they’ve started and are successful.

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