New Caledonia Travel Guide – Hidden Gem of the Pacific

Image 1, Isle of Pines, Header imageImage via Flickr

When the life of a working person becomes too complicated, the best thing to do is escape everything and go to the edge of the Earth for a bit of a time-out. There is hardly a better place for this than New Caledonia. This modest archipelago of islands is not as famous as some South Pacific hotspots like Tahiti, Bora Bora, Bali or New Zealand, but it offers just as many delights – if not more, considering that there is so much to discover for the newcomers. If you ever feel a yearning to visit this hidden gem of the Pacific, here is a comprehensive New Caledonia travel guide.

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Alaska

Alaska is by far one of the most exciting regions to visit in the world. The reasoning for this is quite simple – it is the “final frontier” for most tourists and a tempting playground for hardcore adventurers. However, do not be taken aback by its vast wilderness and harsh climate! It is as enticing to casual vacationers as it is to adrenaline junkies. If you are having second thoughts on visiting this captivating corner of the globe, here is the ultimate guide to visiting Alaska that might convince you to give it a chance.

Your Guide to Budget Travel in Myanmar

Myanmar is charming destination which boasts and abundance of temples but also isn’t short of perfect sandy beaches. In general, the country is more expensive than its neighbors in terms of travel cost, so some budgeting may be in order. This guide will help budget travelers plan their dream trip to Myanmar while still enjoying the core charm of this mysterious and majestic country.

15 Things Worth Knowing About Britain Before you Visit.

We all know that every country in the world is different. Different traditions, customs, and social norms are a wonderful new experience, but can often take a unsuspecting visitor by surprise. Britain is no different, with such a rich history certain things have evolved that may want to take note of before you visit.

An Adventure for Every Season in Seattle

You might be tempted to plan your Seattle trip for the height of summer. After all, why would you want your view from the top of the Space Needle spoiled by Rain City’s infamous gray drizzle? But you’ll find something in Seattle for every season, whatever the weather. Whether you’re sightseeing during the more mild months or enjoying cozy cafes and the nearby ski slopes in winter, Seattle offers the perfect getaway.